Detox this Year to Welcome 2016 Fresh

A new year always gives you a fresh start. Xymogen 6 Day Detox Renewal Kit can help give your body the same kind of fresh start.

Over time, toxins begin to be stored in the body, especially in major organs.  This can make them work less efficiently, so the goal of the detox is to clear these out, and let the body return to its more efficient state. You may be able to sleep better,  or have more energy after the detox is complete. And the Xymogen regimen only takes 6 days!

Xymogen has four formulations:

  • ColonX™
  • Drainage™
  • ProbioMax™ Daily DF
  • OptiCleanse™ GHI.

The 6-day Detox Guide recommends how to take these complementary formulas together to encourage the various detox-linked systems and organs of the body to process and eliminate waste and toxins. The renewal kit supports your natural detoxification mechanisms and helps support the body’s natural immune response.  It supports digestion and lactose digestion, assimilation and elimination while promoting gastrointestinal health. It has more benefits as well, but you can only obtain the kit through a licensed practitioner.

Before starting a 6-day cleanse, you should consult with Dr. Roth. Book an appointment today at Roth Wellness and Chiropractic to get started on your Xymogen 6-Day Detox by requesting an appointment online at or by calling 615 352-9379.