Sculpsure is FDA Approved for treating fat under the chin!

Roth Wellness was just approved for fat reduction under the chin!  Cynosure has now earned FDA clearance to treat double chins.  Many body contouring treatments have a weight limit and are only cleared for people with a BMI of 30 or lower.  On the other hand, SculpSure was cleared by the FDA to treat patients with a BMI up to a 43 (for the chin only).  This makes SculpSure the most inclusive solution for those wanting to rid themselves of that double chin!

Many other treatment, such as Kybella, are invasive and involve a series of shots into the area under the chin, and can have side effects such as hardening of the area under the chin and nerve damage.   Liposuction can leave the area lumpy and is also invasive. Did you know that the popular CoolSculpting procedure everyone is hearing about doesn’t actually use a laser?  It just freezes the fat, which leaves the tissue under the chin a frozen block of ice and has to be massaged afterwards.  Most clients reported poor results with this dated, 8 year old technology. 

SculpSure is different than all of these other fat-reduction treatments. With SculpSure, a mere 25 minute non-invasive  treatment gently heats the tissue with a 1060 nanometer laser, while keeping the surface area cool.  Additionally, it leaves no side effects and you are able to get back to life right after treatment!  Most patients require two treatments. 

Most patients in the 57 person clinical trial received two treatment six weeks apart.  The short treatment time, 100 percent satisfaction rate, and the dramatic contour reductions typically seen in the study gives SculpSure the edge as the treatment of choice for the submental area.  100 percent satisfaction rate is rarely seen in clinical trials, which gives the treatment a 4 star rating.

Here’s how SculpSure works:  During a treatment session, a laser raises the temperature of fat cells beneath the skin (while keeping the surface cool so it doesn’t burn you), until they are destroyed.  Once the fat cells have been destroyed, they’re naturally eliminated by your body.  The best part is SculpSure is totally non-invasive, meaning no knives or needles involved!

Most patients start to see results in as little as 6 weeks and will see the best results in 12.  If a little extra chin softness bugs you, SculpSure may be the treatment option you’ve been looking for.  Pricing typically depends on your provider but starts at approximately $750 per treatment for the chin.

SculpSure laser technology is new and even more improved with its recent FDA clearance on 9/27/17.  Clinical trials have been going on for over 5 years for the SculpSure line.

SculpSure also has an added benefit of skin tightening as it permanently destroys fat cells.  The fat will never return!

Roth Wellness has been a SculpSure provider for over a year. We are excited to offer the new Submental (chin) treatment as the newest arsenal against unwanted fat.  Give us a call at 615-352-9379 or schedule your free consultation online today. 

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