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10 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. A time to spend quality time with family and loved ones over a nice meal. With this holiday often comes over eating and worse, the regret that comes the next day. Make this Thanksgiving a little guilty with these healthy tips. Eat breakfast Making sure you’ve eaten a healthy breakfast before your Thanksgiving festivities […]

Top 5 Benefits of SculpSure

Wondering what all the buzz is about SculpSure? This non-invasive body contouring treatment is making waves for those looking to permanently get rid of stubborn fat in their problem areas. Roth Wellness and Chiropractic offers this innovative and effective body sculpting system that eliminates the areas that diet and exercise don’t seem to take care […]

Beating Depression During the Holidays

Five Facts About Depression Depression is different from feeling sad or unhappy, and is not a sign of personal weakness or a condition that can be willed or wished away. During any one year period, nearly 21 million American adults can suffer from depressive illness, with women experiencing depression about twice as often as men. […]

Back to School Health Essentials

With children across America gearing up to begin the school year, what better time to explore some ideas to help ensure your child starts the school year healthy and happy. The following are 3 Ways to Start the School Year Healthy: 1. Backpack Safety 101 When people think Chiropractic and back to school, the first […]