Last week marked the 30 year anniversary of me starting my career in Chiropractic.  Wow!  How could that have happened so quickly?  Some of you reading this newsletter will realize that you have been with me as a patient for all of those 30 years.  And what a journey that has been.

Chiropractic has been on a journey of its own for the last 30 years.  When I graduated, Chiropractic was not a household name, in fact most people could not pronounce it correctly.  Education was a big part of our care, so that our patients understood that we weren’t just working on their back or neck pain but working on the reason for the pain.  That the nervous system controls all the body- every cell, tissue and organ and to have that power turned on to those areas would create healing.

Today, Wellness is a word that most people are aware of and a lot are seeking better ways to live in this world and Chiropractic is synonymous with Wellness.

Our practice has grown as well in providing help with all the health interferences such as nutritional blocks, environmental toxicity such as heavy metals, structural misalignment (subluxations).  Using these tools can help patients live better and longer lives.  Our world is rapidly changing and it takes a Chiropractor that is willing to change with the times and Roth Wellness has done that and I will continue to grow and change and learn new techniques to help my patients be the best they can be.

I’m Just getting started….  Here is to another 30 years…..