Getting back into the swing of things

I have heard many people talk about, “when things go back to normal,” but what does that mean? Many things will not be “normal” for a long while, as many of us realize as we continue to wear face masks and still have children at home and not at school.
So yes, saying that we can wait for things to be “normal” is a stretch, we do have something that we can do to start getting back into the swing of things, and that is starting a routine.
If you have been missing out on having a routine, we highly recommend you start one!
The problem is, even small changes can add to the stress that you are feeling, especially when you have a whole long list of them. So rather than getting caught up trying to remake yourself with an entirely routine, pick part of your day to master the new habit. Once you are doing part of your day out of your established habit, feel free to add another part of the day to this. Here is the thing though, do not allow yourself to pick up another one until the first is already well-established.
In addition, I wanted to remind you that we are continuing to take precautions, here at Roth Wellness. As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to have an increased impact on our communities, we want you to know that we are increasing our cleaning protocols to provide you an “extra” clean office. Some precautions we are taking include:
  • We are wearing masks
  • We ask all of our patients to wear masks
  • We are cleaning the tables after each patient
  • We clean all surfaces each patient touches before the next patient
  • We are taking temperatures when you enter for your appointment
  • We are asking people who come with patients to please wait in the car as we socially distance our patients by 6 feet
I’ve even created a video, to explain the precautions we are taking, watch it here or by clicking the image below.
Our priority is to keep you and our team members safe and healthy!
Stay safe and healthy and feel free to reach out to our team if you need to make an appointment.