Our habits at work, when we exercise and at play shape our body. Especially as we spend more time hunched over tablets and phones texting and surfing, it’s smart to start being aware of the health impact of our habits.

Studies show our posture can have a dramatic impact on health, so see how you stack up with a posture assessment.  Then, strengthen how you stand, sit and live.

Did You Know?

  • College students are cell-phone addicts, spending 8-10 hours a day on their phones creating neck pain and loss of mobility.
  • 1 out of 4 adults in America have suffered back pain in the past three months!
  • People who spend 12 hours or more per day seated are at greater risk for diabetes, heart disease, and life-threatening falls.
  • 7.6 million adults  are disabled with back pain

…and poor hunched over posture makes you look old!

POSTURE TIP: Be Aware of your posture in daily life.  Are you using good posture to lift, sit and exercise?  Align each PostureZone! Imagine a balloon gently pulling your head up and centering it over your body.


Core strength and great balance are needed for strong posture. It can be the difference between moving with confidence and being unstable risking injury.

Strong posture helps you to look your best and move without pain.

Did You Know?

  • Standing up means using 640 muscles to balance 206 bones while not pinching 45 miles of nerves or 60,000 miles of blood vessels.
  • People with chronic back pain control their posture and balance differently…even when they’re having good days or taking pain-drugs. Exercising with focused attention on posture control can improve function, motion, confidence and reduce pain.
  • 1 in 3 adults over 65 fall every year
  •  Strengthening your balance can significantly reduce the risk of a fall

Be aware, and if you’re not sure a posture professional can assess your symmetry and help improve motion with exercises focused on controlled motion.  Also, if motion is restricted muscle therapy can relax tight muscles, and a good chiropractor help to unlock spinal or other joint restrictions.


Creating a posture friendly environment
Posture Smart Environments  

Are your home, work and exercise environments optimized for your body? Design your posture environment to align each PostureZone® and put an end to bad habits!

Did You Know?

People sit an average of 13 hours a day, sleep an average of 7 hours a day, which leaves only 4 hours a day to be active.

At Work – Sit strong, but not too long. Sitting folds your body restricting breathing and circulation, impacting health nearly as much as smoking!

When you must sit, choose a chair that encourages erect posture. Try a seat support or wedge that supports from beneath by gently tilting the hips forward.  Set a reminder on your phone or computer to take frequent movement breaks.

Stand taller everywhere you go by choosing footwear for support and comfort. Your feet are the foundation for your posture. Check the soles of your shoes for uneven wear as this can indicate posture imbalance.

Here at Roth Wellness & Chiropractic, we focus on complete wellness so you can focus on a complete you. Chiropractic doctors practice in Nashville drug less, natural, and non-invasive health care and base our practice on the self-healing ability of the body. We look at the body as a whole–the whole picture.

Like a typical health care provider, we provide our clients with a consultation, case history review, physical examination, and if necessary laboratory analysis and/or x-rays. Different from other health-care providers, however, chiropractors also conduct a careful analysis of the patient’s overall structure with focus on the spine. As part of the chiropractic care process we ask questions that help us look at the whole picture— What do you eat? Activity level? Stress? Family life? What do you do for work? Etc.

Our goal is to find and fix the origin of the problem rather than treating the symptoms. If your roof is leaking, do you catch the drips in a bucket for years on end, or do you repair the roof? In the same fashion, if that persisting migraine headache is caused by misaligned vertebra leading to an irritated nerve, does it make sense to take pain killers indefinitely, or do you realign the vertebra to address the issue and relieve the pain?

Your journey to superior healing and total wellness can begin today. We look forward to discussing the issues that you’re facing…working on solutions…and helping to implement those changes in your life. Dr. Roth is not a typical chiropractor … she is a gifted healer that helps her patients achieve their best health and wellness. To facilitate the process, we need your help. Please review the information contained on our site. It will provide the basis for a productive first visit. Please call today to arrange an appointment at a convenient time. We look forward to seeing you soon.