Caring For Your Spine

ChiropracticMost people don’t think about back health but this is one area that is so important for overall good health throughout your lifetime. Your back supports your entire body. Remember when you were in grade school, your parents and teachers were always telling you to sit up straight. They reminded you that if you slump all the time or walk slumped over, this can permanently alter the curvature of your spine. This is actually true although it would take years of slumping to do this.

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The thing is though, that if we develop poor habits as youngsters, they often follow us through to adulthood. You rarely ever see classes or information on back health but some schools do teach this during science class or maybe gym. If you’ve been having chronic backaches, then some simple back exercises can strengthen those muscles and cut down on the number of aspirin you have to take each day.

You can practice sitting up properly best in a straight-backed chair. Sit down and press your back up against the chair back and take several deep breaths. Close your eyes and try to envision your spine completely straight.  This combines bio-feedback with back exercises to help you be more aware of your spine and back.

Walking and swimming are both good exercises for your back as well and they can improve your health in other areas. One exercise that stretches the back muscles and the backs of your legs at the same time is to stand up straight. Extend your hands to the ceiling, take a deep breath and then release it as you bend forward touching your fingers to your toes. If you can, hold this position for a few moments.

Here are a few other tips:

  1. Never twist and bend at the same time.
  2. Avoid carrying large, heavy purses or sling bags
  3. Don’t slump while sitting watching TV or while driving the car.
  4.  Use a chair with a backrest and change positions often
  5. Choose a good mattress that lends support in all the right areas.

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Most doctors agree that being overweight is a number one cause of backache so if you need to lose a few pounds, then get on a good, wholesome eating plan. Get out and walk each day or join a gym. Just a few small changes in your lifestyle can help you achieve a much greater level of health.

Smoking is also bad for back health. Some research shows that smoking reduces the blood supply to those discs in your back, leading to disc degeneration.

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