Max Pulse

Cardiovascular & Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Screening Device

The Max Pulse is a simple, user-friendly, non-invasive, FDA Class II medical screening device. The device provides measurements using Photoelectric Plethysmography, Accelerated Plethysmography, and other technologies to access overall cardiovascular and ANS wellness.

Photoelectric Plethysmography (PTG)

PTG is a non-invasive technique for measuring the amount of blood flow present or passing through, an organ or other part of the body. Plethysmography is used to diagnose deep vein thrombosis and arterial occlusive disease.

Accelerated Plethysmography (APG)

Using a finger clip, the blood’s pulsewave is followed from the time it leaves the heart and travels through the blood vessels down to the finger. The pulsewave is a snapshot into the cardiovascular system and evaluates arterial elasticity (arterial stiffness), which is related to atherosclerosis. Arterial stiffness is a major cardiovascular risk factor.

There is strong scientific evidence supporting the use of plethysmography as a diagnostic and prognostic tool for early warning signs of cardiovascular disease and peripheral vascular disease (including primary and secondary Raynaud’s phenomenon).

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The test analyzes:

  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

    Determines one’s overall health status and autonomic nerve system. “Meta-analyses of published data demonstrate that reduced cardiovascular autonomic function, as measured by heart rate variability, is strongly associated with an increased risk of silent myocardial ischemia (lack of oxygen to the heart w/o symptoms) and mortality.”

  • Differential Pulse Wave Index (DPI)

    Overall cardiovascular health.

  • Eccentric Constriction (EC)

    Constriction power of vessels from the left ventricle.

  • Arterial Elasticity (AE)

    Overall elasticity of large, small and peripheral arteries (arterial stiffness).

  • Remaining Blood Volume (RBV)

    Remaining blood in the vessels after systolic contraction of the heart.

  • Wave Type

    Aging vascular health indicator.

  • Mean Heart Rate

    Average beats per minute or heart rate.

  • Arteriosclerosis Progress

    7 pictorial wave types showing typical artery status.

  • Stress Score

    Overall stress health compared to resistance levels.

  • Stress Levels

    Mental stress, physical stress, and resistance to stress. Changes in pressure, velocity, blood volume, and other indices.